Selasa, 05 April 2011

Hapy New Year !

Heya blogger, lama tak jumpa *elap elap debu*. Bertemu lagi dengan sayaaa hayo tebak siapa saya ? #plak (digeplak kuro). Kuro ? siapa itu kuro ? gomen nee, perkenalkan kuro itu nama blog ini hehehe.

It's already 3 months past from January, but never mind, i would like to tell Happy New Year ! :D
And now please welcome the April ! :D
oh god It's April ! it means that i will take a national examination of senior high school.
i must study hard to pass it. I have so many dreams to catch it, don't you ? ;)

*ringing clock* oh not now ! seems like the time is up, i have to go to take a course.
well see you then, wish me luck on my examination, it will be held on 18-21 April.

Sayonara minna ~ :')

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